Women in Community Life Advisory Committee

Our Women in Community Life Advisory (WiCLAC) Committee was established to advise Council on matters relating to women's participation, representation and leadership in community life.


Equality, inclusion and respect for women in Greater Geelong


The purpose of the WiCLAC is to provide advice to Council on matters relating to women’s participation, representation and leadership in community life. Establishment of the committee strengthens Councils commitment to the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter, which was endorsed by City of Greater Geelong Council in 2010.

The charter identifies support of three principles:

  1. Gender Equity

  2. Diversity

  3. Active Citizenship

Three key themes

These key themes frame the work of the Committee and relate to the Terms of Reference.

Such work provides direction for how the WiCLAC will work towards achieving the overall mission.

WiCLAC works within each of these key themes and is driven by a commitment to gender equality for women of all ages.

1. Advocacy

To advocate across the Geelong region for women to be actively involved in decision making processes that deliver relevant, responsive and inclusive outcomes.

The WiCLAC will seek to:

  • Encourage participation in leadership and decision making committees and processes

  • Support participation in community groups and networks

  • Provide comment and feedback on Council protocols and strategies

  • Promote transparent and inclusive decision making practices

  • Give advice and referral as appropriate

2. Education and training

To promote opportunities for women to undertake training, leadership and volunteering.

The WiCLAC will seek to:

  • Highlight and address barriers to participation in education, training and employment.

  • Advocate for opportunities to volunteering in the local community.

  • Encourage and promote opportunities for leadership development in the community and within organisations and workplaces.

  • Provide and support the development of training opportunities for women on committees/boards.

3. Raising awareness

Explore opportunities for the WiCLAC to link with, support and promote activities, events and campaigns for women of all ages, backgrounds and communities, that align with its purpose.

Such activities include:

  • Celebrating successes, milestones and events;

  • Promoting events, campaigns and activities;

  • Acknowledging the successes of local women in leadership;

  • Recognising and promote best practice in gender equality;

  • Networking with appropriate agencies and community groups;

  • Promoting, support and /or partner with events, campaigns and activities.

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The Women in Community Life Advisory Committee can be contacted by:

Email: womenincommunitylife@geelongcity.vic.gov.au

Facebook: facebook.com/womenincommunitylife

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Page last updated: Thursday, 17 January 2019