Scope of works required for the sheep pens

Scope of works required for the resumption of sheep sales at the Geelong Saleyards.

Loading ramps:

  • Level off the ground next to the ramp
  • Fence off the entire retaining wall
  • Install steps up from the ground to the top of the retaining wall
  • Step up/extension of the catwalks next to the ramps
  • Gate from catwalk to the sheep holding yard
  • Re engineer the manual drop down multi level ramps
  • Chain for the front of the ramps
  • Permanently block off the unusable ramps
  • Rubber on the truck bump pad
  • Bridging flap required on both ramps if not present
  • purchasing a new fully adjustable ramp to suit B-Double trucks.

Trailer ramp at the waste pits:

  • Confirm that there is sufficient clearance for a horse float to be able to fully back in and be able to drop the tailgate.

Trailer ramp at the truckwash:

  • Needs an area marked out on the road as part of the traffic management plan

Cattle grids:

  • Purchase 2 cattle grids
  • Install grids at the main gate and the gate near the Target carpark

Automatic gate:

  • Purchase of a large industrial metal sliding gate for Weddell Road Entry
  • Purchase of an Avdata access system for gate access.

Holding pens:

  • Replace decayed timber rails.
  • Metal rods to be cut off the edges of the water troughs
  • Yards and laneways that are not required to be shut using a cable tie/chain (note more permanent closure mechanism required for long term use)

Sheep Selling pens:

  • Concrete work to be done on uneven ground
  • Capping required on all metal upright posts – There are 480 posts to be capped in the entire sheep pens.
  • Significant number of timber uprights need replacing due to decay
  • replace timber rails with metal sheep panels.
  • Overhead walkway number 1 (closest to the road) can be used up to where it is sitting on the metal yards.  A chain will be positioned to stop movement past that point.
  • All other overhead walkways will be chained off and signed as closed for use. (if selling from walkways all will need to be upgraded to meet OHS requirements otherwise alternate pen selling arrangements to be approved)

Traffic management:

  • Water barricades to be installed to mark off the area for the Poultry auction. Overflow requirement for the poultry auction will be in the Target carpark.
  • Truck parking area to be marked out
  • Stock Agents and buyers permits to be able to park along the cattle yards

Buyers in the pens with sheep

  • We have been advised that the buyers have a legal right to be in the pens with the sheep.
  • For buyers to be able to sell in the pens we would need:
    • certificate if currency for public liability insurance to be provided
    • a Safe Work Method statement about selling in the pens to be provided.
    • complete an onsite induction for all buyers and agents


  • All Sales Agents are required to supply a SWMs
  • All Sales Agents and their staff will be required to complete an onsite induction – one off
  • All transporters are required to supply a SWMs
  • All transporters and their staff will be required to complete an onsite induction- one off
  • All buyers are required to supply a SWMs
  • All Buyers and their staff will be required to complete an onsite induction – one off
  • All general public to complete a site induction

Cattle Pens

  • All cattle pens are closed.
  • All cattle overhead walkways are closed
  • All gates allowing access to the cattle pens are to be chained off

Page last updated: Tuesday, 4 June 2019