Central Geelong 40 kilometer per hour speed zone

The Central Geelong 40 kilometer per hour speed zone plays an important role in making our city’s streets a safe and user-friendly environment for everyone – particularly bikes and pedestrians.

Central Geelong is a place for people. People shopping, working, studying, living, dining and being entertained. Streets are the focus of these activities and are the key to transforming the CBD into a successful, vibrant and liveable city. To achieve this, we need to think about our roads differently to encourage safe pedestrian movement and street activity.

Originally the city’s streets were designed to accommodate the horse and cart. Over time, as the city has grown, the wide streets have been able to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles. Streets have been redesigned to have additional traffic lanes and parking. However, there isn’t enough space to cater for future growth in travel needs, so we need to look at other ways of moving more people using the same amount of road space.

Page last updated: Monday, 7 October 2019