Parking ticket machines

Parking signs indicate the allowable time limit and if a fee is required.

Parking ticket machines are used to regulate parking in high demand areas. Parking prices are structured depending on long and short term parking. Read the parking signs to confirm parking time limits for the area before payment.

Parking ticket machines are all the same type within the Geelong area. For more information on how to use the ticket machines you can download a user guide.

Fee capping system

Some longer term parking areas allow you to park for 3, 4 hours or all day in a parking where the fee is capped at a maximum fee.

Check Ticket Machine as fees may differ depending on the area.

Payment options

Payment can be made by:

  • coin
  • credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • mobile phone 'App' - EziCom ePAY

Always check the machine instructions for payment options.

Ticket machines and fines

You can be fined if you park in a ticketed space for longer than the permitted maximum time, even if you put more money in the machine.

You will need to move your car once the maximum time limit has expired.

Ticket machine problems

If the ticket machine won't accept your coins or credit card, or is displaying a fault:

  • request machine service as soon as possible by texting 0447 400 500 or
  • phoning our Customer Service team.

Page last updated: Thursday, 21 March 2019