One Planet Living - Sustainable transport

The sustainability of transport modes is related to both environmental, social and economic factors.

Buildings, infrastructure and behaviour supporting sustainable transport can lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less air pollution, lower living costs and improved health and wellbeing.

By making a conscious decision to support sustainable transport, long lasting benefits can be created for the occupants and wider society.

Key Council policies include Road Safety (2013), Cycling (2008) and Physical Activity (2014) and the regional G21 Public Transport Strategy (2014).

Key recent actions
Action Description Impact
North Geelong Cycle Path to train station and bike cage Part of Geelong’s Strategic Cycling Corridor Network, the North Geelong Cycle Path links the Northern suburbs and Central Geelong. It also provides access to North Geelong Train Station. Stage 1, Mackey to Vautier St (650m) was completed in 2016. Stage 2, Vautier to Victoria St (280m, estimated $400k)
commenced in May 2017.
Provides a separated, direct cycle connection for commuters, reducing the number of commuter trips by car. It provides an alternative to driving to the train station which reduces the strain on parking.

Public Transport Victoria are funding a bike cage at the station to provide a safe bike parking.
Strategic Cycling Corridor Network - New cycling path connections and bike lanes Eastern Park Path: Shared path from Boundary Rd to Malop St (1.5km, $300k) completed in 2016. This path forms an eastern link into Central Geelong.

Lt Malop St – Fenwick St to Latrobe Tce: New wider bridge over rail lines and separated cycle and pedestrian paths to bridge, this path links the western suburbs with central Geelong.
Provides a separated shared path that bypasses a narrow, high traffic volume section of Ryrie St.

Provides a defined, high quality entrance to Central Geelong for active transport users from Geelong West.

Both projects cater for cyclists that are not confident riding on busy roads, thereby increasing the appeal of commuting by bike.

Highlight project - Electric vehicle chargepoints

Two electric vehicle charging stations will be installed on the Cunningham Pier forecourt, on Western Foreshore Road, Geelong. The charging stations will be able to charge four vehicles at a time.

Electric vehicle uptake is directly related to perceptions about the range of distances the vehicles can travel, and perceptions about proximity to charging stations. Cleantech Innovations Geelong and the City of Greater Geelong are working on changing those perceptions.

Page last updated: Thursday, 1 June 2017