One Planet Living - Culture and community

A sense of community and place is central to wellbeing and happiness. A sustainable community recognises and celebrates cultural diversity and heritage, while fostering a sense of community that supports sustainable living.

Council has continued to support the cultural diversity and heritage of the City, and has implemented programs directly aimed at building a culture of sustainability within Council itself and the community more broadly.

Key Council strategies include the Public Arts Strategy 2015, Karrenga Aboriginal Action Plan 2014-2017, Community Engagement Policy 2014 and Diversity Policy 2010.

Key recent actions
Action Description Impact
Environmental Change Makers conference Council collaborated with Green Effect Movement and the Geelong Performing Arts Centre to host a day of presentations and workshops to explore how young people are leading the way in finding solutions to environmental issues. Events like this engage the youth community in critical environmental issues, ensuring that young people feel a strong sense of ownership and are recognised for their critical role in creating a
sustainable future.
Sustainable House Day

An opportunity for residents to experience houses that have been designed, built, renovated or retrofitted with sustainability in mind. Geelong Sustainability coordinates Sustainable House Day with support from the City of Greater Geelong.

Raise awareness and readiness of residents to adopt and install energy efficiency practices and technologies to transition to a sustainable future.Across 2015 and 2016, 25 properties were opened to the public receiving 3060 visits. The Drent’s compact design home in Ocean Grove proved most popular, receiving 240 visitors. Over 90 volunteers worked to make the events a success.

Highlight project - Mountain to Mouth

A 80km extreme arts journey of discovery over two days and 11 stages. Mountain to Mouth (M~M) begins at the You Yangs mountain range, crosses Geelong’s industrial heartland at nightfall and arrives in the city centre to collide with Geelong After Dark, a night of extreme and unexpected arts.

Since its inception in 2009, M~M has encouraged members from all parts of the community to participate in a celebration of indigenous history, storytelling and art, through the trail and special events, such as the launch of the Remnant Canoe sculpture. The launch included an endangered native plant species propagation workshop. The resulting seedlings were planted along the M~M footprint as part of the Greening the Songline project. Workshop participants are able to identify their plant and follow its growth.

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