One Planet Living - Equity and local economy

Geelong’s economy has been in transition for some time, moving from a focus on manufacturing and agricultural support services to a more diversified economy.

The challenges and opportunities associated with this transition have been recognised, as has the specific opportunity to transition to an economy based on sustainable industries. This includes high tech manufacturing, boosting the knowledge sector and capitalising on renewable energy projects in the region.

Key Council strategies include the Geelong Economic Development Strategy, G21 Regional Economic Development Strategy, G21 Region Opportunities for Work Program and Geelong Low Carbon Growth Plan (2015 update).

Key recent actions
Action Description Impact
Strategy: Digital Geelong - A Digital Leader in Victoria This strategy recognises the huge opportunities associated with new, emerging technologies and how these will impact the way Council and the community communicate, interact and do business. This strategy outlines how Council can become a leader in digital technologies for the benefit of its own operations, the lives and connectedness of the community, and to support local businesses in making the most of the digital economy. This will support the creation of local jobs and economic opportunities in industries that can drive and support a long term
sustainable economy for the region.
Sketchbook Greater Geelong: Potential Technology Futures For Better Living Siemens’ Centre of Competence for Cities partnered with the City of Geelong to produce 4 possible futures for Geelong, based upon CoGG’s aims and lessons from other cities facing similar challenges across the globe. The resulting report outlines four possible development directions and provides ideas on what could be the cornerstones of each possible future:
  • Creating a smart tech and transport hub
  • Digital industry (industry 4.0) and energy
  • Agro-tourism
  • 3D Printing.

Highlight project - 2017 Electric Vehicle Conference

Recognising the future impact and impending rapid uptake of electric vehicles, City of Greater Geelong, Geelong Manufacturing Council and State Government hosted a conference to showcase the potential of electric vehicles.

The event was aimed at the general public, businesses, G21 local government authorities and Deakin University researchers and engineers to inspire more uptake of electric vehicles.

The conference attracted 150 attendees who were able to experience a range of electric vehicles including cars, buses and trucks, as well as some of the technologies used in electric vehicles.

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