Proposal for new residential area in Drysdale

Monday, 3 June 2019

Council has agreed to start the process of re-zoning an area of land in central Drysdale to allow it to be developed into residential housing.

The land – bound by Jetty Road, Wyndham Street, Thomas Street, and the rear of Central Road properties – is currently zoned as rural living.

Given its position close to shops, schools and public facilities it was earmarked for development as far back as 1992, when it was identified in the Drysdale Clifton Springs Structure Plan as a suitable residential area. This was carried over to the 2010 structure plan.

A Development Contributions Plan to sit alongside the proposed amendment will set requirements for an upgrade of Jetty Road and pedestrian signals plus new local parks, open space trails and drainage basins.

The report presented to council on 28 May said the proposed re-zoning would align with the City of Greater Geelong’s Settlement Strategy, which aims to contain urban growth on the Bellarine within existing town boundaries.

The land in question includes 28 individual properties, and the City has actively engaged with owners.

A planning scheme amendment will now be prepared and made available for public comment.

Councillor Bruce Harwood – Mayor:

Development pressure continues on the Bellarine as council balances community expectations with strategic growth.

We look forward to hearing what the community has to say about this proposal and considering the feedback when it comes back before council at a later date.

Councillor Jim Mason – Chair, Sustainable Development portfolio:

There has already been extensive community engagement over the years with land owners in this area and now we will enter a new phase, where further input from the public is invited. We encourage everyone to have their say.

Page last updated: Monday, 3 June 2019