Golf Facilities Strategy open for feedback

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Council is asking for community feedback on its draft Golf Facilities Strategy 2019-21.

The draft strategy provides a clear vision for the future use and management of golf facilities on City of Greater Geelong-owned land or crown land leases.

It sets a plan to work with tenant clubs to maximise the social, health and wellbeing benefits golf offers to the community, while helping to ensure the region’s public courses are sustainably managed.

If the strategy is adopted, the City of Greater Geelong will step away from directly operating golf facilities over the next three years, but will continue to support clubs to achieve sustainable management models.

The proposed transition would see Lara and Queens Park join Barwon Valley, Clifton Springs, East Geelong and Ocean Grove as courses operated by their resident clubs on low-cost, long-term leases. The City would also investigate options for the Balyang Par 3 course.

The strategy has been developed with the help of valuable input from the clubs’ committees and members, plus the wider community.

It aims to see the region’s public golf clubs continuing to compete in the crowded sport and leisure market, while giving the community access to affordable golf facilities.

Clubs will be assisted to be strongly customer-focused and to work on initiatives that make their facilities attractive to women, families and younger generations.

The draft is available for feedback until 29 May.

Councillor Bruce Harwood – Mayor:

This draft strategy has been developed through a very detailed process that included consultation with the clubs and the wider community.

Council supports golf and the health and wellbeing benefits it brings. Our aim with this proposed club-based management model is to make sure all publicly owned courses in Greater Geelong are sustainable and can continue to offer affordable and accessible facilities to the general public well into the future.

We’re keen for all members of the community to log on and share their thoughts on the draft strategy.

Councillor Peter Murrihy, Co-Chair, Social and Infrastructure Planning portfolio:

Golf is facing challenges and we want to see the region’s public golf clubs remain competitive in the sport and leisure market.

I encourage all golfers, club committee members and community members to have their say on this draft Golf Facilities Strategy for 2019-21, which aims to give locals and visitors access to affordable golf courses.

Page last updated: Thursday, 9 May 2019