The 2017 Sidewalk Sales attracted large crowds.

Central Geelong Marketing generates $16.74m

Thursday, 13 September 2018 2:23 PM

The Central Geelong Marketing Committee delivered a Total Economic Output (TEO) of $16.74 million through its flagship activities during the 2017-18 financial year, figures show.

Based on the committee’s total income of $1.066 million via the special rate, this represented a return of $15 for every $1 of income.

The figures indicate that more than 136,346 people participated in a Central Geelong Marketing activity during 2017-18.

The initiative with the greatest financial impact was the Central Geelong Sidewalk Sales + Shopping Festival, which attracted 26,295 participants and produced a TEO of $4.9 million.

Other successful activities included: Christmas in Central Geelong (51,592 participants, TEO $3.77 million); the Central Geelong School Holiday Fun Program (30,442 participants, TEO $3.19 million); Tastes of Central Geelong (23,540 participants, TEO $2.49 million); and the May Magic Spend and Win promotion (4677 entries, TEO $832,000).

The Central Geelong Marketing Committee's role is to market, promote and activate Central Geelong.

Through its consolidated approach, the committee is able to obtain significant financial and in-kind support and bulk purchasing discounts, valued at an estimated $400,000 during 2017-18.

The committee will continue to deliver a range of new and existing programs in 2018-19.

This will include development of a new program aimed at informing and engaging Central Geelong residents, and an increased focus on the Professional Services Campaign, which encourages people in Wyndham and surrounding areas to choose Central Geelong as an attractive and viable alternative to the Melbourne CBD for doing business.

Central Geelong Marketing is funded by a special rate, which will continue until  the end of June 2021 after a five-year commitment by Council in February 2016.

Mayor Bruce Harwood:

The ongoing success of Central Geelong as the ‘heart’ of our region is important, and provides broad community benefit.

These figures are very positive, and clearly show that the activities resulting from the special rate are adding to the vibrancy of Central Geelong.

Importantly, the majority of programs delivered by Central Geelong Marketing are free to attend, providing entertainment for children and families.

Cr Peter Murrihy, Chair, Central Geelong Marketing Committee:

Congratulations to the team at Central Geelong Marketing on putting together an excellent program of events that has clearly made a positive impact.

The committee also provides important support for Central Geelong businesses, such as training and networking opportunities, consolidated advertising, and a workers’ engagement program with over 1500 members.

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Page last updated: Thursday, 13 September 2018