Stormwater drainage inspections using CCTV cameras

Note 8 in the Design Note series on storm-water drainage inspections using CCTV cameras, updated in January 2020.


We require that all new underground drainage assets, prior to handover, must be shown to be in acceptable condition.

A Closed Circuit Colour Television (CCTV) inspection of all of the underground assets to be handed over must be carried out and a report prepared in accordance with the Current Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia WSA 05.

The CCTV footage (mpeg file) and the report, showing the acceptance criteria as detailed below, is to be accepted by CoGG prior to undertaking the Practical Completion inspection.

Asset Owner’s Direction

In accordance with the code, the Asset Owner shall provide information relevant to the inspection that will enable the operator to prepare equipment and resources for the inspection and to ensure details of the asset are correctly recorded in reports.

Mandatory Requirements and Information

  • The complete CCTV survey footage and PDF report is to be submitted on a single USB Flash Drive.
  • Prior to undertaking the inspection, drainage lines are to be free from silt, sediment and any debris.
  • The CCTV survey is to be undertaken once all below ground excavations have been completed.
  • The CCTV survey of Drainage Road Crossings must be undertaken and approved prior to the laying of Asphalt.
  • The survey of existing Council Infrastructure is required where there is construction activity and/or the installation of House connections.
  • All surveys MUST start at the centre of the drainage pit.
  • In addition to the mandatory requirements set forth in the WSA05 Code, A gradient indicator MUST be displayed on screen during the CCTV survey.

Acceptance criteria for stormwater pipes

For each section of stormwater drain, a report shall be prepared, in accordance with WSA 05, showing that the section has:

  • a structural grading of 1 and
  • a service grading of 1.

Operators and equipment to meet standards

  • Persons responsible for identifying and recording defects, service conditions and construction features, for the preparation of reports and the operation of equipment shall hold a suitable qualification as outlined in WSA 05.
  • In addition to the WSA05 Code, the Operator shall investigate, describe, identify and report on defects during the CCTV survey
  • The camera and scanner, as a minimum, shall meet the requirements of WSA 05.

We reserve the right to decline sub-standard workmanship or surveys that are non-compliant with the current WSA05 Code.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 8 January 2020