Tree Management Policy

Tree Management Policy Document No:   CPL255.1
Approval Date:   1/3/2017
Approved By:  Council
Review Date:  1/3/2020
Responsible Officer:  Director City Services Version No:   00
Authorising Officer:   Chief Executive Officer 

1 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the effective and efficient management of tree assets within the City of Greater Geelong.

2 Scope

The policy is applicable to the management of all tree assets on land managed by the City of Greater Geelong. This policy does not apply to trees located on private property.

3 References

  • City Plan

  • City of Greater Geelong Urban Forest Strategy

  • Environment Management Strategy

  • Tree Management Unit Guidelines

  • AS4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees

  • AS4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites

  • Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015

  • City of Greater Geelong Planning Scheme

4 Definitions

  • Tree asset means any tree which is located on land managed by the City of Greater Geelong.

  • The Urban Forest is the sum of all vegetation across the City of Greater Geelong, excluding rural land.

  • Street tree means any tree situated within a township and growing within a road reserve.

  • Park tree means any tree growing in a park or reserve.

  • Significant trees are trees worthy of protection due to unique, historical, rare or environmental importance.

5 Management Policy

5.1 Introduction

The City of Greater Geelong values the benefits of its tree population. Our trees provide shade and cool the city. They improve the look, feel and liveability of Geelong. They also have a positive influence on the health of our community.

The aim of this policy is to document the management practices the City of Greater Geelong will use to protect, maintain and develop the municipality’s tree population. It will guide decision making and is intended for use by staff dealing with issues relating to trees on Council managed land and as a document that can be referred to by the community. The policy is complemented by more detailed guidelines regarding specific tree related issues.

The following basic principles apply to most tree related situations.

5.2 Tree Maintenance

  • Council will ensure its tree assets are maintained at a high standard and that adequate resources are provided to ensure best practice tree management.

  • Council will develop a Tree Inspection Program to ensure all trees on Council managed land are inspected on a regular basis by suitably qualified staff or contractors to identify defects, pests and diseases and any pruning requirements

  • Council shall be responsible for pruning trees on Council managed land

  • All tree pruning performed by Council staff and its contractors shall be in accordance with Australian Standard AS4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees and Council’s Tree Pruning Guidelines.

  • Trees shall be pruned in accordance to relevant Legislation. (i.e. Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015, Native Vegetation and the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act).

  • Council will implement timely and appropriate pest and disease control programs as required.

5.3 Tree Planting

  • Council will endeavour to achieve the tree planting objectives identified in the Urban Forest Strategy 2015 – 2025. Trees will be selected for planting based on their suitability for the site as determined by the Tree Management Unit in consultation with the community.

  • Council will develop species selection criteria to ensure the right tree is planted in each situation

  • All trees will be planted in accordance with Councils Tree Planting Guidelines

  • Council will consult and inform the community about all major projects involving tree planting.

  • Council will provide adequate resources to ensure annual tree planting programs are implemented

5.4 Tree Removal

  • While all other options will be explored, tree removal may be required on occasion to ensure public health and safety, to protect infrastructure, to facilitate approved development and infrastructure improvements and to maintain a healthy urban forest.

  • Council will investigate all tree management options prior to the recommendation for tree removal.

  • Council will develop a set of Tree Removal Guidelines to ensure consistency in decision making and to prevent indiscriminate tree removal.

  • Trees shall be assessed by appropriately trained staff on a ‘case by case’ basis and will only be removed if they meet one or more of the criteria set out in the Tree Removal Guidelines.

  • Council will consult and inform the community about all major projects involving tree removal.

  • Council shall be responsible for all tree removals on Council managed land.

5.5 Significant Trees

  • Council will manage and protect trees that are of a heritage or cultural significance or form part of a recognised avenue or boulevard.

  • Council will develop Significant tree criteria to identify trees that are of significance to the community.

  • Council will maintain a register of all trees that meet the Significant tree criteria.

6. Quality Records

Quality Records shall be retained for at least the period shown below.

Name of Record Retained by/location Retention Period Location
Customer requests Manager Parks and Gardens PROS 09/05 12.2.1 - 7 years. Electronic
Tree management records Manager Parks and Gardens PROS 09/05 12.2.1 - 7 years. Electronic

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