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An overview of the Northern Geelong Growth Area including key facts for the growth area and key factors to consider.


The Northern Geelong Growth Area (NGGA) is one of two Further Investigation Areas idendified in the G21 Regional Growth Plan to accommodate4 longer term grown of the Geelong region.

The overarching G21 vision for these investigation areas is to deliver a:

"liveable, vibrant and cohesive community"

Combined, the scale and long-term nature of the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas present significant opportunities to deliver a unique sustainable urban community.

Where is the Study Area?

The NGGA extends through Lovely Banks and is bounded by Staceys Road to the north, the Anakie Road and Geelong Ring Road to the south, Bacchus March Road to the east and rural property boundaries to the west.

Land uses within the NGGA include the Lovely Banks rural living area, the Geelong Baptist College, a service station and farming land.

Several key infrastructure facilities and industry buffers are located within the growth area, including the Barwon Water water tanks, South West transmission gas pipeline, electricity power lines, the Lara Energetic Materials Manufacturing Plant buffer, the MC Herd buffer and the GREP Industry buffer.

What is being prepared?

The project will deliver a Framework Plan and an Integrated Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

The project aims to establish a framework for the delivery of sustainable liveable communities.

Project timeline

What is a Framework Plan?

A Framework Plan is a long-term strategic plan that sets the overall land use and development vision for each Growth Area.

A Framework Plan is prepared having regard to a range of issues including:

  • existing site conditions

  • stakeholder aspirations for the growth area

  • principles and guidance established in State and Local policies and strategies

  • outcomes of technical reports.

A Framework Plan then provides the basis for more detailed land use planning in the future, via preparation of Precinct Structure Plans.

Key factors to consider

  • Integration of rural living area in future urban community.

  • Impacts of the various industrial buffers and infrastructure facilities.

  • The Study Areas nominated do not represent the ultimate development extent of the Growth Area. The extent of development within each Study Area will be determined through the Framework Planning process and informed by the constraints and technical analysis.

Northern Geelong Growth Area Key Facts

Key facts

Map of NGGA

Map of NGGA
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