Request a Transfer Form for Food or Health Businesses

When a Food or Health business changes ownership you need to transfer the registration into the new proprietors name.

Pre-sale inspections

Before purchasing a business, you may wish to

Request a transfer of business pre-sale inspection form  

Pre-sale inspection NOT required

If you do not want a pre sale inspection of the business you can

Request a food or health business transfer form  

On receipt of your request, we will email the form to you.

What happens next...

When you receive the form

  • Please read it carefully.
  • Complete all the information. Incorrectly completed forms can delay the process and potentially delay any settlement arrangements.
  • The form must be signed by the appropriate proprietor/s.
  • It should be returned with payment of the applicable fee - this is on the top of the form.
  • The responsibility of payment of the fee is arranged between the two parties.
  • Make payment. The fee can be paid by completing and returning the credit card authorisation form or at one of our Customer Service Centres or by cheque in the mail.

What we will do

Page last updated: Monday, 24 June 2019