MFMP - Attachments 1 and 1.1

Attachment one of the Municipal Fire Management Plan details VFRR data against BSW RSFMPC priorities. Attachment 1.1 details risk plans information.

Attachment 1

City of Greater Geelong VFRR-B data agains BSW RSFMPC priorites

Priority 1 - High Risk Townships

Map Ref No. Asset Type Asset Subtype Asset Name Asset Location Likelihood Consequences Risk Priority Township Protection Plans NSP identefied Treatments
29001 Human Settlement Residential Anakie Anakie Complex Almost certain Catastrophic Extreme 1A   No 100; 420; 223; 202; 307; 224; 101; 207; 500; 303; 222; 214; 203; 106; 218; 208
29003 Human Settlement Residential Lara Lara Almost certain Minor High 3D   No 500; 101; 207; 218; 303; 222; 404;100
29006 Human Settlement Residential Woodlands Estate Ocean Grove Complex Likely Moderate High 3A   No 100; 420; 500; 101; 207; 218; 202; 222; 214; 203; 224; 303
29008 Human Settlement Residential Point Lonsdale Point Lonsdale Likely Minor Medium 4   No 106; 100; 420; 500; 101; 218; 214; 303: 207
29010 Human Settlement Residential Lower Bluff St Leonards Complex Likely Minor Medium 4   No 100; 420; 500; 101; 218; 214; 202; 303
29011 Human Settlement Residential Indented Heads – St Leonards St Leonards Complex Likely Major Very High 4   No 100; 101; 500; 206; 218; 303; 222; 413
29037 Human Settlement Other Staughton Vale & Anakie Junction Staughton Vale Likely Major Very High 1B   No 307; 106; 202; 208; 224; 101; 207; 222; 303; 203; 100; 500; 413
29038 Human Settlement Residential Lara Nth East Lara Nth East Almost certain Minor High 3D   No 500; 101; 207; 218; 303; 222; 404; 100
29039 Human Settlement Residential Ceres Ceres Likely Major Very High 2A   No 100; 109; 222; 223; 303; 404
29042 Human Settlement Residential Little River Little River Likely Moderate High 3A   No 100; 107; 109; 202; 222; 303; 404; 420; 218
29043 Human Settlement Residential Lovely Banks Lovely Banks Likely Minor Medium 4   No 100; 109; 222; 303; 404; 412; 218
29044 Human Settlement Residential Batesford Batesford Likely Minor Medium 3A   No 109; 222; 223; 303; 412; 218
29045 Human Settlement Residential Wallington Wallington Almost certain Moderate Very High 2C   No 100; 107; 109; 222; 223; 218; 303; 404
29058 Human Settlement Residential Bellevue Estate Bellevue Estate Likely Minor Medium 4   No 800
2952466 Human Settlement Residential Anakie Township Anakie Almost Certain Major Extreme 1C   No  
2952467 Human Settlement Residential Barwon Heads Barwon Heads Likely Minor Medium 4   No  
2952468 Human Settlement Residential Portarlington Portarlington Likely Minor Medium 4   No  

The Risk Plans for: Priority 2 Critical Essential Service Assets, Priority 3 Tourism & Major Events, Priority 4 Key Rural Industries, Priority 5 Major Transport Corridors and Other Assets have been removed from the plan but the information is held at Fire Prevention.

Attachment 1.1: Risk Plans

The following aggregation of risk plans are an outcome from the Environmental Risk Scan process aggregating the existing MFMP and MEMP, articulating existing programs, strategies, plans and treatments; assessing relevance and identifying new ones to be incorporated. It included a broad range of treatment options, plus opportunities to share skills, knowledge and resources across agencies and with neighbouring municipalities. The plans are based on the six risk environments (listed below) to achieve consistency across municipalities and government agencies within the Barwon South West Region.

Each program listed in the table below applies to a primary risk environment and this primary risk environment is shown as an underlined letter in the Risk Environment column. A program may run across multiple risk environments but will allocated to its primary risk environment. The PPRR column refers to whether the program relates to Prevention, Preparedness, Response or Recovery. A program can also run across multiple categories.

(A) Business and Community Activity Centres

Program/ Plan Title Primary Agency Partner Agency’s Program/Plan Objectives Risk Environment P P R R Program Plan commencement date Program / Plan Completion Date
Fire Safety at Community Events Council Events Coordinator CFA, Victoria Police, SES, MEMPC, Worksafe, VicRoads,
Ambulance Victoria,
Event Organiser
Conduct Inspection and other compliance with Building Act and Regulations & other applicable laws, i.e. OH&S Act, DG Regulations. CFA Act, Planning and Environment Act
Programmed Inspections of community events with all relevant partner agencies.
A B C E F Receipt of event application End of event and/or time specified on permit.
Fire Safety in Commercial, and Industrial Premises Council Building Surveyor CFA, Victoria Police, Worksafe, DHHS Audits of high risk buildings re compliance with Building Regulations.
Essential Services inspections
A F Ongoing ( as per agreed strategy) Ongoing
Structure Fire Integrity Inspections Council Building Surveyor CFA Identify buildings that have been damaged by fire and inspect for public safety.  A B C E F   Ongoing Ongoing
Fire Safety In Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Environmental Health Officer
Council Building Surveyor
CFA, DELWP, Worksafe Programmed Inspections of Caravan Park and Camping Grounds with all partner agencies. A B C E F 3-year Ongoing
Fire Hazard Management on Council Owned or Managed Land (excludes roadsides) Council DELWP, CFA, Management of fire hazards on Council land through fuel reduction works A B C E F   Ongoing Ongoing

(B) Farming and Rural Living

Program/ Plan Title Primary Agency Partner Agency’s Program/Plan Objectives Risk Environment P P R R Program Plan commencement date Program / Plan Completion Date
Permit to Burn Council MFPO CFA Issue Local Law permits with conditions for safe removal of fuel loads. B C D E     Annually at start of non FDP Start of FDP
Annual maintenance of Fire Management Roads/Breaks Council Nil Fire management roads/breaks (Strategic, Primary, Secondary) listed in MFPP (under Council management) are reviewed and maintained throughout the municipality B C E     Oct/Nov depending on climactic conditions When completed.
Roadside Vegetation Management Council MO Parks Unit Nil Slash/spray Council managed roads within municipality to reduce fuel loads over fire season. Maintain clear path for vehicle access and maintenance of council trees on all Council managed roads. A B C E F   Sep – Dec annually Ongoing
Strategic Fire Fuse Breaks VicRoads Council Fuel reduction on arterial roads in accordance with municipal fire prevention plans by spraying, slashing of roadsides or grading fuse breaks prior to burning off activities by the CFA B, C, E        
Arterial Roadside Maintenance VicRoads Council Maintenance standards regarding vegetation encroaching the road envelope and management of roadsides to reduce fuel loads prior to the fire season ie, programming maintenance slashing in November B, C, E        

(C) Interface Living

Program/ Plan Title Primary Agency Partner Agency’s Program/Plan Objectives Risk Environment P P R R Program Plan commencement date Program / Plan Completion Date
Wildfire Management Overlay & Land Use Planning Controls Council Statutory Planning CFA Maintain and implement the previsions of WMO and other land use controls (Pending application) B C E   Application 2008 Ongoing
Powerline Clearance Council MO Tree Management Unit Nil Maintain tree clearances to energy Safe Regulations within declared areas. B C E   Ongoing Ongoing
Fire Access Tracks Council MO Works & MO Tree Management Unit Nil Annual inspection and maintenance of all designated Fire Management Tracks. B C E Pre fire season When completed
Building in BPA Areas Council Building
CFA*, Private Building Surveyors Check all new building applications to ensure they comply with Australian Standard AS3959/2009 prior to issue of building permit. A B C D E F     Upon application  

* CFA during planning phase only

(D) Industry and State Infrastructure

Program/ Plan Title Primary Agency Partner Agency’s Program/Plan Objectives Risk Environment P P R R Program Plan commencement date Program / Plan Completion Date
Vegetation & Easement  Management
SP-AusNet Contractor Maintain electrical transmission assets.
Maintain vegetation in the vicinity of Electrical Transmission Assets to the requirements of the Electrical Safety Act.
Maintain easement access tracks, gates and fences.
Maintain vacant land (future sites).
  Ongoing Ongoing
Power Supply & Power line Management Powercor Contractor
The plan details Powercor’s policies, procedures and programs for the inspection, maintenance and operation of Powercor’s Electricity Distribution Network including Vegetation Management.   Ongoing Ongoing

(E) Bush and Parks

Program/ Plan Title Primary Agency Partner Agency’s Program/Plan Objectives Risk Environment P P R R Program Plan commencement date Program / Plan Completion Date
MEM Plan (107) Council MERO Control Agency , VPOL Implements/activates the agreed arrangements to ensure a coordinated response. A B C D E F Start of event Influenced by Recovery phase
Campfire Prevention DELWP Nil Provide information to increase awareness of the risks associated with campfires to reduce the incidence of preventable wildfires. Undertake patrols and enforcement activities to ensure compliance with fire regulations. E C          
Fire Investigation DELWP CFA, VPOL DELWP, CFA and Victoria Police working collaboratively to investigate and establish the cause and origin of all human caused fires, and seek to identify and as appropriate prosecute the offenders. E C        
Local Mutual Aid Plans DELWP CFA Multi-agency approach to emergency management lead by DELWP  & CFA by working collaboratively to implement fire readiness and response arrangements to ensure integrated and effective fire suppression action. E C        
Planned Burn Program DELWP   Planned burning to reduce fuels on public lands based on ecological and risk management objectives. Aim to reduce the bushfire risk to communities and sustain ecosystem health and resilience. E C      
Vegetation Monitoring DELWP   Fuel hazard assessment, mapping of burn outcomes and monitoring of vegetation on public land to support decision making in scheduling of planned burn program. E C      
Asset Protection Checklist Barwon Water   Annual inspection of major water supply assets/sites to ensure preparedness for Fire Danger Period E C,B,F        
Routine Asset/Site Maintenance Barwon Water   Ongoing Mowing/Slashing of sites to reduce fuel loads for protection of assets or adjoining properties E C,B,F        
Hot Work Permits Barwon Water   Permits required before undertaking hot works such as welding, grinding etc. E C,B,F        

(F) Township and Suburban Living

Program/ Plan Title Primary Agency Partner Agency’s Program/Plan Objectives Risk Environment P P R R Program Plan commencement date Program / Plan Completion Date
Pre-Season Community Awareness Campaign Council MFPO CFA Pre-season advertising and other information programs A B C D E F        
Annual Fire Hazard Inspections Council MFPO CFA Conduct inspections to municipality and identify potential and actual fire hazards on private land and direct removal of same through service of Fire Prevention Notices. A B C D E F     Annual Ongoing
Non Fire Season Inspection Program Council MFPO Nil Conduct random inspections for overgrown properties or inspect complaints with view to removing fire hazard outside FDP. A C D F     End of FDP Start of FDP
Recovery Projects Council Recovery Manager   Working with local communities to support their social, economic, natural and built recovery A B C D E F    
Fire Plug Installation and Maintenance Council Statutory Planner CFA Ensure all sub divisions have fire plugs located as per Standard C29 of Clause 56 F     When application received. Upon approval of application

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