Managing volunteers

The use of volunteers to support the staging of an event is not only a great way to boost resources, spread the workload and increase
participation, it’s also a fantastic way to maximise community involvement.

It is vital that all volunteers are briefed prior to the event to be able to manage the tasks assigned to them, have the appropriate training and be able to answer questions from the general public.

Volunteers should be very clear about their role, the reporting structure, the event program and the emergency management procedures.

It is also the responsibility of the event organiser to look after every volunteer and ensure that the roster and shifts are fair, that they have access to food, water and weather protection.

The use of volunteers may require coverage under your insurance policies. Check with your insurance provider. Some insurance providers will require volunteers to be registered with the event organiser to ensure they are covered by the public risk policy.

For general information about the value of using volunteers at the event, contact the:

Geelong Volunteer Resource Centre
190 Myers Street, Geelong Victoria 3220
Email: (

Volunteering Australia also offers lots of resources to assist in training and managing volunteers.

Visit Volunteering Australia and select the resources tab.

Page last updated: Monday, 24 June 2019