Grapest 5KM run!

The Grapest 5k Run is just long enough to get the heart rate up if that’s your thing, short enough to suit the more laid-back runner, but just right for EVERYONE!

Whether you’re a running enthusiast, a lover of fine wines, or just love a great night out, the Grapest 5k Run is a race like no other.

You can take a shot at the 5k, then meander through a kilometre of four wine-tasting stations for your cool-down, or to hell with the run, and just taste some of the best wines in the country!

“Whatever you prefer, you will never have another experience like the Grapest 5k Run! And THEN it’s party time! Sip happens!”



  • Leura Park Estate 1400 Portarlington Rd, Curlewis VIC 3222


  • Adult: $40.00 $40 Wine Waddle $62 Running 5KM $62 Running 10K $25 Just the gig


  • Catering and/or dining
  • Change room facilities


Leura Park Functions

Phone: 52533180

Associated organisation: Grapest 5KM Run

Page last updated: Tuesday, 4 June 2019