Each financial year Council adopts a budget to provide services and programs to our community.

Budget highlights at a glance

The Budget 2018-2019 has been informed by the 11 key strategic priorities outlined in the Council Plan and in response to several challenges including unprecedented population growth, ageing infrastructure, the financial constraints of the State Government rate cap, and the impact of the worldwide recycling crisis.

The Budget 2018-2019 turnover is $396 million and key features include:

  • $78 million on community facilities and infrastructure including projects such as the new Early Learning Centre in Highton, the new Drysdale Child and Family Centre, commencement of the Purnell Road Child and Family Centre, completion of stage 2 of the Leopold Community Hub and funding for core infrastructure renewal projects including road rehabilitation
  • $3.6 million on community priorities identified by the community including a master plan of Greater Geelong and Bellarine Shared Trails, Goldsworthy reserve track renewal and assistance in establishing a new food relief centre in Geelong.
  • Continued investment in redevelopment of central Geelong including continuation of the partnership with the Geelong Authority in planning and developing central Geelong.
  • $6.3 million for distribution in the fair and transparent unified grants program, including continuation of major contributions to the Geelong Art Gallery and Geelong Major Events.
  • Investment in business productivity improvements including commencement of the City’s Civic Accommodation Project and information technology upgrades.
  • The 2018-19 underlying (recurrent) result is a deficit of ($8.0m), primarily due to receipt of 50% of 2018-19 Grants Commission funding ($10.5m) in June 2018.

This budget demonstrates our continued commitment to responsible financial management, service planning and business improvement.  From our decisions as a Council, to the services we delivery, we are striving to achieve excellence and to put our community first. 

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Page last updated: Thursday, 2 August 2018