Amendment C395 - Settlement Strategy and Northern & Western Geelong Growth Areas

Current Status

Public Exhibition

Closing date: Monday, 29 July 2019

Council has prepared Amendment C395 to the planning scheme and it is currently on public exhibition. Submissions can be made online using the form below.

In October 2018 Council adopted the City of Greater Geelong Settlement Strategy.  In March 2019 Council adopted the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas Framework Plan.  This amendment seeks to implement these documents into the Planning Scheme.

The changes proposed by the amendment include:

  • Minor changes to Clauses 21.03 Objectives – Strategies - Implementation, 21.11 Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area and 21.16 Anakie to reflect the Framework Plan.
  • Replace the Municipal Framework Plan at Clause 21.04 to implement the Settlement Strategy.
  • Replace and amend Clauses 21.06 Settlement and Housing,  21.08 Development and Community Infrastructure and 21.14 The Bellarine Peninsula to implement the Settlement Strategy.
  • A new Clause 21.20 Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas to implement the Framework Plan.
  • Rezone land in the Northern and Western  Growth Areas  from Rural Living, Farming, Public Park and Recreation and Industrial 1 Zones to the Urban Growth Zone.

The new planning scheme clauses and zoning maps are below under 'Amendment Documents'.

Further Information

An Information Sheet and Council Meeting Minutes can be found below under 'Supporting Documents'.

The Settlement Strategy can be found under 'Supporting Documents' below. To view further information and background on the Settlement Strategy Click Here.

The Northern & Western Geelong Growth Areas Framework Plan can be found under 'Supporting Documents' below.

To view the 'Technical Reports' that informed the preparation of the Framework Plan Click Here

 To view further information and background on the Northern & Western Geelong Growth Areas project Click Here

Distinctive Area and Landscapes Program

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is currently working to declare the Bellarine Peninsula a Distinctive Area and Landscape under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.This process will set long-term settlement boundaries and review height controls within townships on the Bellarine.  Further information on this separate process can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the relationship between this amendment and the Distinctive Area and Landscapes Program can be viewed under 'Supporting Documents'.

Amendment Documents

Supporting Documents

View printed copies of these documents at:

City of Greater Geelong, Customer Service Centre - Ground floor
100 Brougham Street, Geelong 3220 - 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday


All submissions will be considered by the City of Greater Geelong, Councillors or Independent Panel as required.

Make a submission

Any person who may be affected by the amendment may make a submission. Submissions must be made giving the submitter’s name and contact address, clearly stating the grounds on which the Amendment is supported or opposed and indicating what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

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Terms and conditions

In accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council must make available for inspection a copy of any submissions made. Council may also provide copies of submissions to other parties for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process. Name and contact details of submitters are required for Council to consider submissions and to notify such persons of the opportunity to attend Council meetings and any Panel Hearing held to consider submissions.

Alternatively, written submissions can be sent to:

The Coordinator
Strategic Implementation
City of Greater Geelong
PO Box 104, Geelong Vic 3220